HSE System

HSE Management

At the beginning of each project, a sophisticated HSE management plan is developed based on the HSE management systems according to project characteristics, so as to ensure good HSE performance during the whole project life. The HSE management system requires that risks be identified and tracked during each project phase, and then a risk control plan be developed to mitigate identified risks until the completion of the phase. The HSE management system of TCC is an open system. TCC encourages all personnel participating in project performance to identify the defects of the system during project execution and make recommendations for improvement. TCC values the creative opinions put forward by everyone and commits itself to continuously improving the system and promoting HSE value during project execution.

HSEinsure System

HSEinsure SYSTEM is a demonstration of informatization of the HSE management system. TCC requires that the HSEinsure SYSTEM be used on each project site so as to record, track and eliminate all identifiable HSE hazards. In addition, HSEinsure SYSTEM is also a powerful database for analyzing HSE performance during each project life, which provides a data source for quantitatively improving HSE performance.

TCC HSE Target (ZERO incident program)
Safety first- TCC’s forever behavior and action: TCC has been seeking for the goal of “Zero Incident”, following the policy of “all incidents being preventable” and “work safety being a must”, and it has been reached a consensus in TCC at large. Environmental protection-TCC’s standing seek: TCC requires realizing the “Zero Objective” during each project, i.e. zero water/air/soil pollution and zero waste emission. With strong technology strength and sustainable HSE solution, TCC ensures to realize the objective of “Zero Incident”.

HSE Certification 

TCC has been complying with GB/T 28001-2011, OHSAS 18000:2007, GB/T24001-2004 and ISO14001:2004 and TCC was the first to be awarded the ISO system in petrochemical industry in China. With strong leadership and full participation, TCC consistently implements these management systems, which has made them one of the work guidance standards for all personnel. The leaderships even regard safety as the “Lifeline” of TCC’s development. Furthermore, TCC has established an annual internal & external audit system to evaluate the implementation of these systems and put forward improvement plans, so as to ensure the continuous improvement of the OHSMS and EMS. On each project site, TCC audit teams regularly check the implementation of site HSE management plans to rectify the noncompliance with the HSE management systems, so as to ensure HSE executive standards are always higher than that of the corporation. Additionally, TCC has maintained a strong fund pool for the implementation of these systems. With the HSE fund use system, it’s guaranteed that each penny is used to improve HSE performance.

Specification  and  Procedure

TCC has attracted dozens of famous industrial experts and engaged several well-known professors from colleges and universities to coordinate the quality management system, OHSMS, EMS and project management system with each other and finally established an integrated SEPCFICATIONS and PROCEDURES system. This system covers all departments, the whole project life and highlights the requirement that ‘all work is intended to meet project demands’.