Code of conduct for corporate social responsibility

Firstly, TCC, as the market entity, provides high-quality products and services to the society, and always put the interests of its clients in an important position. Clients’ satisfaction is TCC’ only guideline.

Secondly, TCC is committed to innovation, including technological innovation, institutional innovation, management innovation, and marketing innovation. The social responsibilities of TCC are resumed and the interests of investors are realized simultaneously in the process of innovation.

Thirdly, TCC adheres to sustainable development, protecting the environment, saving energy, reducing emissions, and developing a circular economy, which is also a major part of its social responsibility.

Fourthly, TCC pays keen attention to both internal and external harmony. Internal harmony mainly refers to the harmony between TCC and its employees, including the improvement of working conditions, compliance with the relevant labor regulations, promotion of employee welfare, and the income of employees can grow with the development of TCC. The external harmony of the enterprise mainly refers to the harmony between TCC and its communities, and the importance to handle the relationship with the local residents.