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Corporate Values of Integrity and Compliance


We, China Tianchen Engineering Co., Ltd., have always regarded legal compliance as the bottom line of production and operation, and are committed to continuously strengthening the construction of compliance system to ensure that our business operations comply with applicable laws and regulations and best practice standards in the industry. We solemnly promise to practice the following spirit of integrity and compliance in the business:

1.Compliance with Laws and Regulations: We are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations and to ensuring that our business operations comply with the laws of the local countries and the internationally accepted Code of Integrity and Compliance.

2.Integrity and Transparency: We will conduct our business in an honest, transparent, and fair manner, and establish trust relationships with clients, partners, and suppliers.

3.Anti-Corruption and Bribery: We strongly oppose any form of corruption and bribery and take measures to ensure that our employees and partners do not engage in such activities.

4.Anti-Monopoly: We strongly oppose the abuse of market dominance to undermine the fair trade order, and we are committed to building an open, competitive, collaborative and innovative mechanism.

5.Anti-Unfair Competition: We promise to actively participate in market competition, do not carry out false publicity, and do not damage the goodwill of competitors.

6.Labor Protection: We are striving to provide a fair, safe, and healthy working environment, while complying with labor standards and relevant laws.

7.Environmental Protection: We will endeavor to minimize our impact on the environment, promote sustainable development, and comply with environmental regulations and standards.


Channels for Compliance Consulting


The employees can consult the compliance queries by the following channels:

1.Hotline: 86-22-23407168

2.Commission E-mail:



Channels for Whistleblowing


The employees and other personnel can report the non-compliance problems by the following ways in real name or anonymous. we commits to keep the whistleblower’s information confidential and take necessary protective measures for him or her, carries out investigation in a lawful, compliant, fair and just manner, and takes appropriate remedial measures to handle violations:

1.Online reporting: filling in the information on the reporting page by visiting the company's official website (

2.Hotline: 86-22-23408826

3.Discipline Commission E-mail: