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The Whole Value Chain

TCC develops the market with the technology innovation, stimulates the vigor with the mechanism innovation, improves the efficiency with the management innovation.

At present, as the domestic and overseas market conditions change, the engineering design market dwindles, traditional business cannot meet the urgent needs of the high-quality stable development of the company, TCC, considering the company’s characteristics and actual needs, combining the industry and the economy development trend, expanding upstream and downstream of the engineering as the main business, has formed the present whole value chain development model " Technical R&D, Engineering construction, Industrial operation, Market service ".

Technical R&D: TCC focus on forming a market-oriented system of science and technology innovation, forming an open platform of innovation and research that integrates its own technology innovation, technical integration and optimization, technical consultation, pilot transformation service, process package development, experimental analysis, catalyst preparation and other functions.

Engineering Construction: the earliest national-level chemical engineering survey and design unit in China, was among the first batch to be awarded with the National Class-A Qualification by the Ministry of Construction, which enables the business in all 21 fields of engineering design and general contracting.

Industrial Operation: TCC has successfully built the green Caprolactam industrial base and the Adiponitrile high-tech material industrial base relying on its own independent research and development of new materials, new technology and capital advantages, with the integrated development model of“Industry-University-Research-Design”.

Market Service: TCC takes advantage of international resources and channel advantages, centering on new material trade, and following the principle of "engineering-related, industry-related, and customer-related" that help its business development to form a closed chain cycle.