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Whole life cycle

TCC can provide services for the whole life cycle of engineering projects:

Pre-engineering services: 

    Planning consultation (compilation of overall, special, regional and industry plans),

    Project consultation: Project financing support, FEL/FEED/BEP and Consulting Service, Plant Site Selection and Evaluation, Project Application Report, Project Feasibility Study Report, etc.

    Evaluation consultation: Evaluation Of Planning, Feasibility Report, Preliminary Design, Environmental Impact Assessment, Post-Evaluation, Project Budget And Final Account Review Entrusted By Governments And Relevant Departments.

    Whole Process Engineering Consulting: Multiple service methods are used to provide partial or overall solutions and management services for project decision-making, implementation and operation.

Engineering Process Services: 

Engineering Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction, Process Package Development, Equipment And Material Procurement, Construction Management Services, Engineering and Technology Development, Engineering Bidding Agency, etc.

Engineering Value-Added Services: 

Commissioning, Start-Up Service, Brand Agency, International Direct Procurement, Spare Parts Service, Procurement of Raw And Auxiliary Materials, Product Sales, Catalyst Sales, Financing and Leasing, Equity Investment, etc.