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The first coke oven of Indonesia Jinxiang Coke Project undertaken by CNCEC-TCC has been put into operation

Time:2024/01/18 Source:

The CNCEC-TCC Indonesia Jinxiang Coke Project delivered encouraging results at the start of the new year. The first batch of coke from the 2# coke oven's carbonization chamber is smoothly pushed into the quenching car, formally marking the project's first coke oven in operation!

Located in Qingshan Industrial Park, China Indonesia Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, Indonesia, the Jinxiang Coke Project is a major project of CNCEC-TCC that responds to the Belt and Road Initiative and fosters Indonesia's economic development. As the first overseas general contracting coking project of CNCEC-TCC, the commissioning of its first coke oven has set an example for promoting the high-quality development of TCC's overseas business and is of milestone significance for exploring related markets.

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