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Coal Chemical

TCC is considered to be a leader in the coal chemical industry. It has accumulated a full range of engineering experience in this field with 100+ projects executed, and 100+ gasifiers’ design and construction completed. Its footprint throughout various types of engineering installations such as gasification, transformation, purification, air separation, methanol synthesis, sulfur recovery, ammonia synthesis, etc. Furthermore, the experience is embedded in various fields such as coal-to-oil, coal-to-natural gas, and coal-to-olefins.

It is an excellent technical team with 1 national survey and design master and 1 National Industry Survey and Design Master. This team has won 30+ scientific and technological progress awards of the country, various ministries and industry associations, golden key awards for EPC projects, national high-quality engineering awards, etc.

Inner Mongolia Donghua Energy Co., Ltd 1,000kt/a Methanol Project内蒙古东华能源有限责任公司100万年甲醇项目.jpg

Shenhua Baotou MTO Project


Shenhua Ningmei Group 830kt/a DME Project


YanKuang Guotai 200kt\a Acetic Acid and 1,000t\d Coal Gasification Project


Yili Xintian 2 Billion m3/a Coal to Natural Gas Project